ACCIONA, Ferrovial and Sacyr win €3.13 billion ring road project in Peru

15 April 2024
ACCIONA, Ferrovial and Sacyr win €3.13 billion ring road project in Peru

ACCIONA, Ferrovial and Sacyr have been awarded the construction and 30-year operation of a new 34.8-kilometer urban toll road concession in the metropolitan area of Lima (Peru). The project, approved by Peru's Private Investment Promotion Agency (Proinversión) and the country's Ministry of Transport and Communications, involves a planned investment of US$3.4 billion (€3.13 billion) which includes contributions of public funds by the government.

The new Peripheral (‘Anillo Vial Periférico’, AVP) will link eleven districts in the Lima Metropolitan province and one additional district in the province of Callao, serving an estimated 4.5 million people.

The project will provide access to national highways starting or ending in Lima (Panamericana Norte, Panamericana Sur and Carretera Central) and will be integrated into the local road network. It will improve circulation in the Peruvian capital by allowing a smoother flow of traffic, with an estimated 50% reduction in average transport duration.

The AVP road will be executed under a co-financed public-private partnership model, whereby toll revenues will cover operation and maintenance costs, while partially providing the initial investment for the construction of the infrastructure. ACCIONA and Sacyr each hold a 32.5% stake in the consortium. Ferrovial holds the remaining 35%.

The road is classed as a ‘smart highway’. It will incorporate the most advanced technology for traffic management, implementing the use of cameras and other systems for its supervision, with a rapid response model for all types of incidents. It will also install cutting-edge signaling, lighting and safety systems.

It is estimated that the project will create around 5,000 direct jobs during its construction phase. The increase in economic activity resulting from the construction of the AVP road will create 70,000 jobs, boosting the development of the capital's metropolitan area.