Good News Came from Mozambican and Madagascan Market

21 February 2024

On February 2nd, as WIETC was holding the 2023 annual summary and commendation conference, good news from both the Mozambique and Madagascar markets. WIETC signed the contract for the Nacala Water Distribution Center and Pipe Network Project in Mozambique and won the bid for the Madagascar Section 2 Project of RNT12 Road, which came as a precious gift to all colleagues of our company.

The water distribution center and pipe network project is located in the city of Nacala, Mozambique, funded by the World Bank. The construction includes a new pumping station, reservoir, water tower, urban water supply network, etc., and the project will greatly improve the local water supply capacity and improve the drinking water conditions for local people. This project is the first water supply project won by our company in the Mozambique market, marking a new era in the development of the Mozambican market.

One of the proposed sites for the Nacala Water Distribution Centre and Pipeline Network project in Mozambique

Proposed Location for Bridge of Section 2 Project of Madagascar RNT12 Road

At the beginning of the new year, WIETC's engineering market development has entered the fast lane and continued to see achievements based on efforts, which set a good start for accomplishing WIETC's annual market development tasks.