Critical infrastructure upgrade completed by UGL and CPB

13 November 2023
Critical infrastructure upgrade completed by UGL and CPB

In a significant milestone, TasWater’s Bryn Estyn Water Treatment Plant Upgrade is now fully operational, heralding a new era of reliable water supply for greater Hobart. This accomplishment allows for the daily delivery of an impressive 160 million litres of water, benefiting over 200,000 customers.

The upgraded plant has been meticulously designed with in-built capacity to meet future demand and delivers the highest quality drinking water for the communities of Hobart. It is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and dedication that has achieved positive outcomes for the client, TasWater, their stakeholders and customers.

Delivered by TasWater’s Capital Delivery Office, in partnership with UGL and CPB Contractors (both members of the CIMIC Group), this critical infrastructure upgrade significantly lowers the risk of water restrictions in the greater Hobart region. It achieves this through improved technology, enhanced operational efficiency, and the capability to reliably supply 160 million litres of water, or more, daily.

The project was delivered on time and under budget, underscoring the dedication of the team. This project also provided opportunities for numerous Tasmanian based businesses during construction, contributing to the local economy, and fostering community growth.

This upgrade not only secures a reliable water supply but also reinforces our commitment to a sustainable future in Tasmania, and beyond.