Engadiner Kraftwerke energizes second PV plant on Swiss retaining wall project

12 February 2024
Engadiner Kraftwerke energizes second PV plant on Swiss retaining wall project

Engadiner Kraftwerke recently commissioned a 201 kW PV system on a retaining wall next to its Punt dal Gall hydropower dam on Lake Livigno in the Swiss Canton of Graubunden. The system, which is using Lithuanian-based Solitek modules, is expected to generate 230,000 kWh into the local grid.

Solitek’s Swiss engineering partner, Reech AG, designed the mounting system to ensure the modules are safely clamped but also to enable easy module removal for inspections.  “Being close to a road, the components of the mounting structure had to be selected considering possible corrosion caused by salt. In this respect, we provided the salt mist corrosion certification the module,” a Solitek spokesperson told us.

The plant is located at an altitude of 1,804 meters and is exposed to cold winter temperatures. The positioning of the mounting structure is optimized for irradiance and to avoid snow accumulation in winter. It is based on 478 of Solitek's Blackstar 420 W framed modules. The requirements were for a double glass module, each side measuring 2mm in thickness, and original Stäubli connectors, according to Solitek.

Founded in 2009, Solitek claims it recently achieved the “Cradle to Cradle” Gold certification for manufacturing to a high standard of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and social responsibility. It is part of the BOD Group, a family-owned conglomerate of high-tech companies.

A similarly structured Swiss plant was also commissioned in December, featuring mounting equipment from K2 Systems in the Swiss canton of Appenzell Ausserhoden, and generating annually 230,000 kWh.