Poland to offer building permit exemptions for PV systems up to 150 kW

28 September 2023

Amendments to Poland’s renewable energy laws will go into effect in October, permitting the installation of solar systems up to 150 kW in size, without the need for building permits. Piotr Pająk, a local PV analyst, says the changes will support investments in rooftop solar projects.

In October, Poland's Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Act will undergo changes, enabling individuals to set up 150 kW micro-installations without the need for building permits. Piotr Pająk, a PV analyst for Gramwzielone.pl, told pv magazine that the policy changes will “significantly increase investments” in commercial rooftop solar installations.

“[Currently] construction works involving the installation of photovoltaic devices with an installed electrical power exceeding 50 kW require a building permit,” Pająk said. “[But soon] photovoltaic installations with a capacity of up to 150 kW will be exempt from the need to obtain a building permit.”

Pająk said installers who build PV systems above 6.5 kW in size will still need to undergo “consultations” with fire protection experts, as Poland's Construction Law remains unchanged.

He also highlighted that the recent amendments to the RES Act, passed on Aug. 17, include provisions to enhance the potential for PV energy generation on commercial properties. The regulations will facilitate the construction of direct lines connecting renewable energy producers with consumers, bypassing public power lines.

The RES Act's changes also expand the size of PV installation development areas. According to the new regulations, obtaining a decision on environmental conditions for PV installations outside the specified areas will be required for areas smaller than 1 hectare, excluding PV systems on roofs and building facades.

Poland had the highest number of full-time workers employed in the EU's solar industry by the end of 2022, with 150,000 employees, said SolarPower Europe. In July, Polish research institute IEO said that the country's installed capacity could more than double to 26,791 MW by the end of 2025.